Dwelling Fire Insurance

Dwelling fire insurance is an that can save a property owners thousands of dollars in the event of a disaster. This type of protection is available from insurance agent Joshua Heinberg.
Some 475,000 structure fires were reported in the United States in 2016, destroying or damaging both residential and commercial properties. In addition to the thousands of human casualties, such fires caused nearly $8 billion in property damage. Fires can result from causes that range from unsafe cooking practices to electrical problems. Property insurance is a good way owners can protect their homes and buildings from a number of natural and unnatural threats. Dwelling fire insurance is a specific type of policy that can useful in a number of circumstances.
Contrary to what the name implies, this type of insurance provides coverage beyond the damage caused by smoke and flames. It is not as comprehensive as conventional homeowners’ insurance, but its limitations can make the coverage more affordable. A basic policy will cover damage caused by fires, explosions and even lightning. Optional coverage may extend to other areas, such as damage resulting from civil unrest. Some policies are even more comprehensive, covering earthquakes and certain types of water damage.
This type of insurance is particularly beneficial in covering a property that is not a person’s primary residence, including investment and vacation homes, and dwellings that are rented to others. It can also be useful in covering older dwellings or those that have experienced previous damage claims. Coverage can be extended to the dwelling itself, the garage and any related structures. It usually does not include the contents of the residence, although some policies are available to provide such coverage.
In the event of a disaster, those covered will normally be reimbursed for what the property was worth in cash or for the cost of replacing the structure. Considering that the average fire insurance claim in the United States is around $40,000, the purchase of a dwelling fire policy is a wise decision for most property owners.