Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance provides coverage for vehicles used in business that regular car insurance does not. It helps protect employees that drive the vehicle. There is a slate of flexible coverage plans to meet the needs of a business. All fronts of business protection is available with a wide range of auto options. It helps cover the cost of an employer or employee that is at fault in an auto accident.

What Is It?

Commercial auto insurance helps pay for physical damage repair to a vehicle driven for business if the damage is due to collisions, weather events, or theft. It also pays for the cost of lawsuits associated with accidents such as legal fees and medical expenses. There are four types:

Auto liability coverage
Medical payment coverage
Collision and physical damage coverage
Uninsured motorist coverage

Who Needs the Insurance?

Any business that transports goods or people needs this type of auto insurance. They include:

Delivery and pickup services
Limo services
Messenger services
Taxi services

Other types of vehicles covered are those registered with a partnership, corporation, or business; vehicles leased or rented by others; vehicles driven for business purposes; and those equipped with altered suspensions, bathrooms, cooking/catering equipment, hydraulic lifts, racing equipment, and snowplow equipment.

Types of Coverage

Medical Payment

An employer and employees enjoy coverage that treats injusries related to an accident.

Uninsured Motorist

This coverage keeps the insured from paying injury bills and property damage not caused by them.


Collision coverage helps pay when a vehicle is damaged due to colliding with an object or another vehicle.


Comprehensive coverage goes beyond collision damage. It helps pay repair damage due to falling debris, theft, vandalism, and more.

Major Benefits

Key benefits of this type of insurance include:

Higher Limits
Business Equipment Protection
Employee Driver Protection
Meets Fleet Lease Requirements

The benefits are exclusively for business owners to protect their business regardless of who is driving.